you are a nice surprise

by trunkweed

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IVOR NOVELLO Different than Days of Haze but still splendid! P.S. "Sick, sick, sick" will remind you of that sick Surpreme Snowboarding game from the 90s. Favorite track: Rad or Sad.
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gravydavy all the songs really connect with each other but it's about at this track when i really start to understand it all Favorite track: Dark Daze.
Amelia Loxran
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Amelia Loxran these guys just get it, it's like they've experienced any of the feelings that i have or will and were able to compile it into a musical output. it's unreal, thank you trunkweed!! Favorite track: Rad or Sad.
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telecrusher i can't remember how i found you but cult nug has been my favorite song for 2 months now, and i immediately pre-ordered this album. after listening to it frequently for over a month i have to say that this is a superb album and i recommend it to whoever is reading this. Favorite track: Cult Nug.
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Travis Button Quality of this cassette was nice and included a printed lyrics sheet! Cult Nug is the catchiest song, sorta wish others had that vibe but a good album overall nonetheless. Favorite track: Cult Nug.
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This album was written over several months, from fall 2014 until spring 2015, during a time of transformation and hopelessness. Recording took place, over the course of 1 week, at Bad Racket Studios in Cleveland, Ohio. These songs prophesied much of our individual futures and we have since lost our sanity. This is our first full-length album and vinyl release. Thanks for your support.

It will be released via:
Out of Breath Records (
Funeral Sounds (


released December 16, 2016

All songs written by trunkweed

Recorded/mixed at Bad Racket Studios by: James Karanen
Mastered by: Zach Weeks
Artwork by: Dee Ferris

Guitar, Vocals, and Drums recorded by: Brady Kelly
Bass recorded by: Tucker Neill



all rights reserved


trunkweed Baltimore, Maryland

hated most of the world, now hooked on melodies idk.

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Track Name: Wish List
I don’t wanna share your life - filled with a monetary appetite,
I want hopeless harmonies cause they are free.
Nothing’s gonna change my mind, there’s no searching left for me to find,
I found comfort in this tragedy while you were asleep.

Sorry, sorry for my honest instabilities but won’t you please, oh, please forgive me so that I may rest in peace?

Now I’m left with hollow heartache, my own mistakes, I know I should’ve wrote you on that wish list I once made.
Track Name: Classic Trunkweed
Shaved my face for a job I didn’t go to
tried to live some sorry life like I’m supposed to
but woke up – room’s in a mess – choked on my dad’s success.

Now it’s noon and I’m not even dressed yet.
Maybe soon I won’t live with such regret.
Wasted days on baking away, learned absolutely nothing since last summer’s days of haze.

I don’t want to grow up too soon. Locked in my room, getting really high and always sleeping in til noon.

Am I doomed?

I thought I’d always find the words to say that
nothing in this world could make me ever feel okay.
But I’ve been getting by more with every single day
get out of your town if they look down on you for being just the you whose heart keeps beating with this tune.

All the time I’ve spent inside, locked in my mind and sailing off into a high that never dies, a nice surprise, just getting by.
Track Name: Offbeat
Sinking, sinking into – thought loops, swaying back and forth and falling out of tune.
Thinking back to, when I found you, drifting out to space and losing altitude.
Faintly fading – faster – farther each year, though I still remember when you used to be here.
Wondering what would happen if I screamed.
Out of key, you lost yourself, in your dreams.
off beat.
Offbeat, lost rhythm, you’re not fine.
Repeat, retreat – into your dying mind.
Asleep – not waking up this time.
Distanced Human, disillusioned to no end.
Distanced Human, I will always call you “friend”.
Track Name: Sick, sick, sick
Always coming down with a cold, constantly circling down redundant dead-end roads, wondering why my skin, it suddenly looks to be so old, I don’t know how to do what I’m ever fucking told.

Speed brain, you’re to blame. You came along bearing gifts with no disdain for the problematic, charismatically insane, then left them lying there hopelessly in love with your sick pain.

Sometimes I sit in my room for hours and just stare at the walls and think about what it is that got me here and why I’m even thinking at all cause I don’t even know anymore when I’m thinking about nothing, staring at the walls and losing all your focus and you don’t remember why you’re here, it’s fucking bogus that you’re losing all your fears to all the world it seems that I’m not dying but, but, but, but you’re losing all your focus man, you’re losing some thing and I am malfunctioning, I’m out of focus, so out of focus.

i'm sick, sick, sick
Track Name: Honeymoon
Dying love, how’s it feel?
To be over now, was it ever real?
Do you think that what we had was true?
If not for you, well I’ve forgotten too.
I’m sure some day I’ll see you soon,
just promise you won’t forget our honeymoon.
Track Name: Windows 95
Tearing down the empty sidewalks, there’s no reason for us to talk, I just want to fucking skate around.

Nothing makes me feel alive, unless I’m floating through the sky. I love when my face falls flat on the ground.

You are staring at your screen while I am bleeding from my knees and you are stuck at work from 9 to 5 and I’m just out here skating right on by.

Windows 95 – this building is so awfully high, I think that I might just go jump and die.
Track Name: Rad or Sad
There must be some sort of way to make it through this phase, where nothing feels okay, and I stay up too late, while faking my own fate and acting like I hate all the friends I’ve made.

And so it goes, I can’t be here too long or everything feels wrong. I’ve known it all along, there’s no point to this song.

I don’t know how to make my words relate to any one else out there wondering hat it is that one day may become their fate.

I don’t know if I can take this anymore.
All I want is to just lie here on the floor.
There’s nothing holding me together at the core.
I lie awake and wonder if there’s something more.

Just like any other night, caught in a constant fight, I am losing sight of what is right, because of my own fright, I have lost the light, now nothing feels alright.
It’s not all right.
Nothing’s ever fine.
It’s just another night alone.

Run, run away from everything you came from, they don’t wanna hear from you.
They don’t wanna be like you. Everyone you ever knew.
Track Name: Cult Nug
Always arriving to find, that you don’t leave my mind.
You’re a one of a kind.
The kind that makes me want to cry, until I die.
I just want to fucking feel like I’m alive.

I’m allowed to, I’m allowed to, I’m allowed to feel like I am nothing.
I’m allowed to, I’m allowed to, I’m allowed to feel like I am nothing new.

Is it true?
I don’t know, that’s why I’m here asking you.

To feel, like I’m real, just to feel like this was ever fucking real.

Don’t take me seriously. I became deliriously such a shame. Mysteriously, I’m so lame.
Track Name: Rather Be
Is there something wrong or is it just me?
It’s through this song that I can finally see.

That there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than right here by your side.
As we find ourselves transcendingly stuck, lost, in space and time.

Dear friend, will you follow me?
We can find some place we never have to leave.

There is nowhere else I’d rather be than lost within your eyes because together, we fall fast asleep and, wake up feeling fine.

I’ve spent years in fear of losing out to the loneliness I hear but now it’s hard to feel depressed cause since we met, I strive to try my very best, to be the best I can be.
Track Name: Dark Daze
My mind has lost its clever. It falls apart like feathers.
Trapped in this stormy weather, I just can’t find the letters.
Things are not getting better when we are not together.
There is no now, just never, and we won’t find that ever.

Maybe my head hurts too much.
Lately, I’ve been losing touch.
I guess that I’m just doing rough.
When will I have had enough?

Enough of my addictions, they cause this constant friction.
Maybe I need restrictions, they live without conflictions.
Chaotic, so hypnotic, this world it feels robotic.
Can’t even feel nostalgic, a slave to semiotics.

Dark daze, you’re so deranging.
Darling, please don’t feel so strange.
I remain lost in our own pain and I’m to blame, this always ends the same.
These are my dark days, my darkest fucking daze.

Never nowhere at all, I’m never nowhere at all.
Track Name: Frank
Now that you’re here, there is nothing left to say.
I’ve spent countless nights in heartache watching as my brain decays.

Have the clouds continued rolling just to keep me entertained?
Am I dead already, dressed for bed, and locked away?
It’s all the same, always all the same.

Searching for silence in this casket where I lay,
is there certainly some certainty that I’ve not gone insane?

Does the sun still rise while I’m lucidly awake?
Will there be a surprise waiting for me at your gates?
Have the clouds continued rolling just to keep me entertained?
Am I dead already, dressed for bed, and locked away?

It’s all the same, always all the same.

you are a nice surprise
Track Name: Slouch
Now that I’ve seen some sort of soulful sovereignty, who softly silences the seas, there seeps such serenity soothing me to sleep, softly, shallow but not bleak, it sows me at the seams, sinking in surreality.

Are you slouching or are you just sleeping in a saddened state, some sorry escape, from this place that you’ve made your reality?

Are you all alone?
That’s what I call my home.

Sing to me, sing to me, sink into me, sing to me.